Mapping and Materials in Rhino Mac

I have just switch on Macbook Pro. I installed RH5 WIP for OS X and I can not find how to:

  1. apply material for layer
  2. or how to match material from one object to another. Making new material for each new object is killing me.
  3. how to affect texture mapping? Using extra material with specific mapping for each object is the only way?

Thanks for any tips.

Without too much snark allow me to suggest this: Instal boot camp and rhino for windows, the wip is such a hobbled reflection of the program.

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I was looking forward to get rid of windows experience completely… Do you have some experience with running rhino on VMware? Just sometimes I need to quickly open Rhino document from OS X, in most cases, I will work in W7 on bootcamp. Thank you.

One day we will all get out of windows and live free, just not quite yet.
When I teach Rhino I make the students delete their VMWare installs and start over with bootcamp. VMWare is not able to access the full power of the computer and you can feel it in Rhino.

If you are just popping open rhino to check files or get a screen shot or something the osx version works fine but with complex mapping/ material management you still need the big dog in bootcamp.

Maybe others here have a good workflow with osx but for me it is just constant frustration and unexpected fails or unimplemented features.

Why, you think you are less of a slave to Apple?


man speaking of SNARK!

no, you’re right. I guess I just want a more beautiful master.

Maybe a little… I get so tired of hearing this kind of stuff from Mac people. I switched from Mac to Windows in 1996 when I needed something that could run industrial software like CAM. And in 17 years, nothing’s changed on that score - virtually nothing I use every day runs on a Mac - except MacRhino maybe - no drivers for my laser or knife cutters, no drivers/software for my 3D printer, no CAM for my mill, etc…

Not looking for a more beautiful master, happy with the one that works…


mac runs almost nothing useful for our world, but you never have to download a driver for anything.

Thank you for your advice.

Is it good solution to run windows 8.1 on macbook pro and Rhino 5?

That’s not true.
You download your drivers and fixes all from Apple.
In Windows, you usually get them from the hardware makers directly.
Apple does too, but they control the hardware AND the specifications. You pay for that work in higher initial costs and are forced to update and upgrade more often.
Personally, I like the strategy, but it does increase the price.

Either way, you’re drinking the Kool-Aid.