Edit texture in associated editor

I’ve successfully set GIMP as my image editor of choice and in Rhino 7 I can click the pencil symbol next to the image link and the file is opened in GIMP.

This does not work in Rhino WIP unfortunately, the image is opened in the Foto app.

Bitmap Texture Settings - changing the associated editor

Everything works fine for me, the image opens in GIMP.

So I’m wondering, why does it work in Rhino 7 and not in WIP?

In the story, he just showed that he works on WIP.

I changed my associated image editor to another app and Rhino 7 opens the texture there.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong?

Now I’ve set GIMP as my default app to view images and Rhino WIP opens textures in GIMP.

While this solves my problem in Rhino WIP, I don’t think this is how it’s supposed to work.

Martin -

As @nathanletwory wrote in that post that you linked to, Rhino is supposed to use the OS’ open mechanism - so that seems to work as advertized?

I have Windows, by default selected, jpg files, open in GIMP.
This corresponds to what you show with an amendment in the registry.

What confuses me is that the setting I have in the registry does have an effect on Rhino 7 but it doesn’t do anything in Rhino WIP.

I want to be able to open images in one app but edit them in another app.

Hi @martinsiegrist
I think the problem here is that Rhino WIP calls the “open” command in the shell, rather than the “edit” command - those are two different commands. I also have different programs for opening and editing (open is for viewing thumbnails in FastStone, edit is for GIMP), and it would be nice to have it work the same way as in V7, @wim and @nathanletwory :grinning:
TIA, Jakob


Thanks for your post @Normand.

As you pointed out, it’s an inconsistency and Rhino WIP should also use the “edit” command.