Edit Image dialog for icons is empty

Hi Forum!
When I try to edit or export an icon from the Edit Image dialog, nothing shows up there. I’ve tried to disable all third-party plugins with no success. I’m using the public Rhino 8 SR4 version. Does anyone know how to solve this?

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Hey Francesc,

Is that a native V8 image in a native V8 button you’re editing? They show up here in 8.5 SRC - and previous to that as well, I did a lot of editing in 8.3.

However if you are working with bitmap icons from V7, the V8 editor does not support them, so the edit area is blank. The only format the editor currently supports is .svg (vector).

Thanks Mitch,

Yes, it is. It’s empty for all icons. It has always appeared correclty on my PC with all former Rhino and SR versions (8, 7, 6, 5 …) But at some point, don’t know why, the image editor is empty, for any icon. The people around me use the same Rhino version and don’t have this problem.

Any idea that sheds some light on this mystery will be appreciated!