Edit/hide stair step label

Something is wrong with my text size for the stair step number labels that are generated automatically. Is there a way to edit them? or at least hide them?

Hi @seflorance, the stair-step numbers take the settings of the current Rhino’s dimension style, so you can edit them from there (Options > Document Properties > Annotation > Dimension styles).
If you wish, you can also hide the numbers from the stair styles dialog (vaStairStyles command)

Thank you Francesc. I will just turn them off. Now I am wondering how to make the arrow show up. I have the box checked, but I do not see it in my plan. Do you know why?

The arrow should be visible as long as you are showing that stair in plan view representation. If it’s not working for you, please send us that file to visualarq@asuni.com and we will revise if there is any bug.