Smoothing edge of a surface


I am trying to get as smooth a surface to on the top of a free form shape. I have managed to achieve a fairly smooth surface through blend surface commands, nowever one edge continues to give issue.

The current surface is a blend surface with a loft through some curves. A few things I have tried that I cannot seem to get to work are duplicating the boarder, adding a pipe, spliting, deleting, and creating a new blend surface. This with multiple pipe diameters as well as alternating diameters through curve. Seperating the halves to do a pipe as well as redoing the entire surface as a blend.
I have most recently tried filleting the two surfaces which seems to have given a nice curve through the line, but I am unable to remove the excess surface around it. please refer to photos below.

Any ideas about how to bring the fillet to the surface, or alternative methods that may work would be greatly appriciated.

Thank you for your time,

Hi Jon- if it is all joined up, use FilletEdge along that hard edge.


When I try this is says ¨ignored one tangent edge¨

Jon, can you post your object or send it to me via I’ll take a look. If filletSrf is making a fillet and the edges are joined, FilletEdge should do something there as well.


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I’d delete the surfaces around the circular trimmed surface at the center and use BlendSrf like this…

All that I see in that image from your best attempts is a render mesh issue, the edge looks tangent enough. What is the analysis tool being used to show the flaw and how is it set, i.e. is it just ‘noise?’ posting the file would greatly help.