Edge selection of Subd between 2 crease point


With control shift click, I can select the border of subd. What if I only want to quickly select the edge between 2 crease point such as in the picture?

I am new to Subd

Thank you

LMGTFY: https://youtu.be/44zPLQOIDtQ?si=0cKp-DbpGXgfLTcg&t=40

  1. Hold Shift+Ctrl to enter Sub-object selection mode or turn on the selection filter for edges.
  2. Click the first edge in your chain
  3. Click the last edge in your chain
  4. Double-click any edge in-between the two
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HTH, Jakob


Just to be picky… it’s a double click of any edge between the first and second sub-object selections. I like to call the technique “bookending” myself.