EDDY: Add trees

Hi everyone!

Juste a small question :slight_smile:

I have done a model for a simple wind analysis with trees. I am using the template from EDDY 3d so nothing fancy. In Rhino I have a good preview and the trees are added to the simulation.

However, when I export to Paraview the preview doesn’t seem to work with trees so I wonder how I should iterpret my results and if my trees are added to the wind analysis.

I wonder if there is an option to add to get trees in Paraview ?

Here are some screenshots.



Very appreciate your support in this case.



Hi Frank,

The result of the run includes the tree. When you open paraview it is just missing the Tree geometry. I usually export the tree as “.stl” file from rhino and import in paraview. Let me know if that helps.


Hi Somesh,

Cool! Thanks for your answer and your workflow to get trees inside paraview! It works great now!


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Happy to help Frank!