Edam Cheese Holes

Dear all,
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I have written a simple script to slice a surface with randomly defined circles.

However, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for creating random splines for the split instead of circles?

This would give the holes the irregularity of edam cheese holes.

I have attached the file.


Create Holes.gh (9.6 KB)

Thanks again.

You could draw a random number of point on each circle, then use jitter to slightly randomize the location of each point and then redraw a nurb though those points. That’s at least how I would think about it.

Then benefit of doing it like this is the base shape could also be random (rectangles, ellipses, circles, self defined, etc) so there could be a large range in general shapes this is completed on, only further randomizing the result more.

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Thanks! Great tips

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