Easy stitching with piped linetypes

In this quick video tip, learn how to use curve piping in conjunction with linetype styles. Stitching for softgoods renderings is one possible use.


Was this something that was discovered or designed? If it was designed I am wondering why the controls are spread to so many different locations?

Good question Kevin… I guess it was more of a discovery. I asked for line type support as a feature request for curve piping render mesh modifiers a while back and it ended up being possible. I made this video to let users know how it’s done. Prior to this, I would use Grasshopper for the task which is still a valid approach for sure.

The UI could certainly be consolidated in areas I agree and hopefully this will occur in future Rhino releases. Feel free to offer some thoughts on where you think the controls should be as well. I’m not sure when it will be tuned up but it’s good to capture your feedback while it’s fresh.

Hi Brian, it is a good function to have for sure. The fact that you can real-time-update from the base curve is clutch. I am wondering if this could be achieved by adding to the functionality of the pipe tool in Solid Creation or creating a mesh version of the pipe commands that would reside(with all of its options) in Mesh Tools.

I would also like to see options in Flow Along Curve or Surface that had an option that allowed you to enter the number of instances of your reference/base object. This would add to stretch and rigidity. If you could flow along a curve by selecting a single stitch shape(base object)/skip base curve and go right to target curve/enter the number of instances of your base object/select stretch or not/select rigid or not that would be great IMHO. I always have trouble figuring out how long to make my base curve and how many instances to make of my base object if my target is dynamic.


Nice feature. If Shutlining obeyed the same principles, and a shutlining profile that combines the attributes of the current options 1 & 2 in the pick list for the profiles, this would be an excellent way of adding very realistic stitching and the effect the stitching has on the fabric it’s applied to, all driven by a single (common) curve.

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Can this be used the same in Mac? having some trouble

Nope, this is Windows Rhino 5 specific at the moment. I’m not sure if it will be possible in Mac Rhino.