Dynamic Simulations and Optimization


Anyone having any idea about the methods used for these approaches or any advice on what to look as a reference to start understanding the basic logic behind. I am pretty sure that coding has used for them or maybe kangaroo for the optimization of the diagrid example as well as use of agents, swarms for the lighting simulation. They are both works of Satoru Sugihara at the Phare Tower and Emerson University of Morphosis.

I know that is something very specialized and a lot of knowledge and experience is required but any help is realy appreciated to have a guidance where to look at!

Thanks in advance!

Hi Mate,

  1. looks like a mesh traveller - that is just a color change along the faces of a mesh.
    2&3 look like some sort of optimization related to specific constraints / ends

videos look cool, but it depends on what your ends are - kangaroo/2 is a great form finding tool, but without knowing what direction you wanted to go - and it is hard to pull apart the end result of a definition to know what steps have been taken as there are always many ways to do similar outcomes,


Hello Arkadius!

Thank you very much for your reply! Yeah I agree that there are many different ways of approach althought these examples propably made with some kind of coding. However for the optimization examples I was wondering if you could do something similar on kangaroo and optimize a diagrid panelization based on closest similarity between panels sizes with goal of cost efficiency. Any refernce would be really appreciated!

Thank you!

Yes mate, sure they do have a lot of coding, it is probably so specific to what the user wants to do, so it is hard to tell how exactly they did it.