Dynamic self orienting C plane rhino 6

Hi all,
a few years ago I saw a video (which I can not find anymore) showing a future feature of rhino 6, it was a dynamic C-plane that self-oriented according to the camera orientation in the perspective view, is it still a thing in rhino 6? or was it only a possible feature never implemented?
If it is a real feature how can I activate it ? I can not find it.


It’s cleverly hidden:
View pull-down menu > Set CPlane > Mobile Construction Plane

Hello - I think you are looking for OneView
(@John_Brock … )


Thanks both for the fast response,
yes it’s the “One view” command!!
This feature is so useful, for educational purposes is very intuitive rotating the vew and see in real time the correct reference plane according to the view angle.

It would be even cooler if the perspectole view had a navigation cube.

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