Dynamic mirror?

Hi is there something like the Dynamic Mirror from SolidWorks in Rhino? I looking to draw along a center line and see instantly the mirrored lines.
Thank you,

i can offer you 1 or 2 ideas but they may not be exactly what you imagine. both imply history switched on.

predraw a (part of a) curve along an axis and use the command Symmetry this function also allows you to set the tangency of the mirrored curves at the initial point to hit each other. once you have drawn one side and you conclude the command it will update the reflection. if you now remodel the points of the initial curve you will se the updates in real time. you can use ContinueCurve on this side to proceed drawing the curve but the update only occurs when you hit space to finish the command. you can though hit space again to proceed drawing. if one would script this you could possibly switch on some SetRedrawOn or similar but thats a guess now.

the 2nd option is similar but using Mirror instead. you can basically also mirror several times if you remember which curve the initial was or you can also put it on an extra layer with another color for better visibility. you can modify whole patterns in real time like that.

remember to switch off history right after you finish. thats nothing to keep on permanently it will keep the history function stored in that object anyway till it breaks or till you use HistoryPurge.

Thanks Richard,

I couldn’t get it to draw simultaneously on the other side. But using the history gave me the option to update derived side - I liked that.