Dutch newbee needs help with pre-fill command parameter Rhino4

My name is Frits and I apologize for my bad English.
Please give me a example how to write rebuild … so it will use allways U75 and V45 when I presse the button. (See the picture)

Thank you in advance


Something like this should work:
! _SelOpenSrf _-Rebuild _UPointCount=75 _VPointCount=45 _Enter


Hello Mitch,

It works perfect! Thanks.

Please tell me if you can, where can I find this kind of info?
Upointcount for instance I cannot find in help

Hoi Frits,
When a command pops up a dialog box to tweak the options, you can run the command with a dash in front to view the command options on the command line. In this case:


A macro is then just the combination of the command and the options that you want. There are several places where you can find more information. The following can be a good start:


Tnx, there opens up a new world for me!!!

Tnx both Mitch and Wim