DupBorder - simplify Option (Wish / critique / paper-cut)


Version 8 (8.8.24149.15002, 2024-05-28)
looks like the current Version of rhino automatically simplifies curves created by _dupBorder.
I would expect to have all Polysurface-Edges as separate Curves in the result.
the simplify Option should be explicit / available in the UI and I am fine with the default value is “on”

there are a few workflows for fabrication, where the automatic simplification will not give the needed data, for a cutting pattern, or for an script that automatically adds glueing lips.

and I think this little detail is another great example, where rhino should follow a strategy that allows both: easy access for general usage / beginners, and all the nifty details for the nerdy users… @theoutside see here


_curveBoolean with simplify turned off

dupboarder_noSimplify_please.3dm (3.0 MB)

thanks -tom

Hi Tom - I agree, this does not seem right - I’ll see if I can find out more…
Seems to be true in V7 as well… but not V6 - the change in the code was indeed deliberate, looking at the history.


Hi @Tom_P,

See if the attached script gets you there.

DupBorder.py (1.4 KB)

– Dale

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thanks a lot.
best - tom