Dual Monitor Setup Issue - Unexpected Quad View When Switching Viewports

Hi everybody,

I’m currently working with Rhino 3D on a dual monitor setup. On my left screen, I have the main window with for instance a maximize Top view. And on the right screen a Perspective viewport.

When the Perspective viewport has focus, and I click on the “Front” tab on the left screen, the view unexpectedly changes to Quad view instead of the desired Front view. On the other hand, if the Top view (main window) has focus and I click on the “Front” tab, it switches direclty to the Front view. It’s not sctricly a dual monitor issue, more to do with floating viewports.

Not sure if this is intended but I’d like to know if there is a way to have a more consistent behaviour.


Hi Jonathan - I see this, thanks. I cannot tell yet if there is a good reason for it but off hand it seems incorrect to me. Does not seem to be related to two screens, it does the same thing all on one.

RH-74515 Viewport tabs and floating viewports