Driven — advanced computational design and fabrication strategies

What is Driven?

Volumes creative hub in Paris, France, is launching Driven — an incubation program to embed advanced computational design and fabrication strategies in early stage entrepreneurship for a circular economy.

Driven is passionate about how computational design and fabrication can play a crucial role in material use awareness to optimize the flow of material and its economy, to organize its storage, transportation, and reassembly. These elements have strong social implications and economic properties that could enrich any design’s value, scalability, impact, and agency.

Driven wants to put to action the principles of a circular economy in design to showcase built projects embedding such principles realized as proof of concepts. These projects will act as precedents to help all start-up projects that follow in the pipeline.

Call for Applications

Driven incubates early stage projects to become real demonstrators of computational design and fabrication applications for a circular economy, from the design phase to industrial production processes. To find out more about the incubation program, please reach out and visit the early stage incubation program website.

Online Workshop Series Announcement

Driven wants to support all designers, architects, makers (from beginners to those with established practices) that are interested in the topics of the Driven program and are eager to learn more to grow a community with a broader sensibility of design within a circular economy.

The workshop series is for various skill-levels investigating circular economy through computational design and fabrication, data visualization, and machine learning. Here are the current workshops: