Digital Design Community | Global Series - Cambridge (online) | MIT, GSD, project:if, OPT Industries

Join us for the ninth event of the Digital Design Community, featuring a great group of speakers! This event is the last in a series of online presentations for the year, each showcasing work by academia and offices in a particular city around the globe.

In this installment, Cambridge-based academics and practitioners from MIT, Harvard GSD, project:if, and OPT Industries will showcase how technology is shaping the way designers create and develop projects in their research groups and offices. This event will explore how innovative workflows and advancements in analysis, modelling, and fabrication have allowed their research practices to continue to push the boundaries of design and realization of projects.

Time & Location:

December 14, 2020 | 6:00 PM GMT+1 (London) | 1:00 PM GMT-5 (New York) | 10:00 AM GMT-8 (LA)

Online Webinar


Caitlin Mueller, PhD | Associate Professor at MIT, Architecture & Civil & Environmental Engineering

Caitlin Mueller is an academic who works at the intersection of architecture and structural engineering. She is currently an Associate Professor at MIT in the Departments of Architecture and Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, in the Building Technology Program, where she leads the Digital Structures research group. Her research focuses on new computational design and digital fabrication methods for innovative, high-performance architecture in the built environment.

Ramon Elias Weber | PhD Student, MIT Building Technology Group

Ramon Weber is a PhD Student in Building Technology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Working with experimental fabrication platforms and digital simulation technologies he is investigating how computational design and robotics can impact future architecture.

Iman Fayyad | Lecturer in Architecture, Harvard GSD; Founder and Director, project:if

Iman Fayyad is a designer and lecturer focused on using techniques of geometry to facilitate design transformations across scales, subjects, and media. Centered on the relationship between flatness and three-dimensional form, the work celebrates projective systems as they relate tectonic and material expressions of space to modes of inhabitation, cognitive perception, and the political domain of architecture.

Jifei Ou (欧冀飞) PhD | Founder, CEO @ OPT Industries, Inc

Jifei Ou (欧冀飞) is an inventor, researcher and entrepreneur. His work focuses on designing and fabricating mechanical metamaterials across scales (from μm to m). As much as his work is informed by digital technology, he is inspired in equal measure by the natural world around him. He has been leading projects that study biomimicry and bio-derived materials to design shape-changing packaging, garments and furniture.

Event Organization and Moderation:

Andrew Haas | Founder of Digital Design Community; Director, AA Visiting School New York; Computational Designer, KPF

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