Drawing art on a tablet

In the market for a decent drawing tablet
What do you guys recommend? Also what do you guys recommend as far as plugins/softwares to look into.
I wanted to start drawing concept art, and textures for a quiet while now.
Some people use a drawing tablet for photoshop, but to have a good one, its pretty expensive.
So is there anyone who uses a touchpad stylus, and draws on tablets?

Someone recommended a xp-pen Artist 15.6 (https://www.storexppen.com/buy/artist15_6.html) and Wacom Intuos Pro. I don’t know which one to choose?
Thanks in advance guys.:smiley:

You want to use the tablet with Rhino? I do not see many use cases for that, usually tablets are used either for texture painting or sculpting (in the context of 3D modeling) both things I would not suggest you to do in rhino, which is a great tool but not for these things.

We use Wacom quite a lot and are happy about it, with PS, AI and blender though.


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Thank you so much!