Draw new Line between two edges (of lines)

Hey there!

I want to draw a new line between two intesections of excisting lines. For one of course this would be quiet easy. However, I have to repeat this about 500 times.

I attached one example.Example.3dm (15.6 KB)

Note: I fist had to seperate the the edges from each other. Shoudl I use another command than “move” to simultaneously draw this new line? It also has to go on another layour. Or is a script the right approach? The line is very short compared to the others.

I would appriciate any help so that could safe a lot of time! :slight_smile:

All the best!

Hi kobsen- I’d say a script is the way to go - if I understand correctly there are four lines that intersect at a point, you want to move two of these and end up with a line between the original intersection and the intersection of the moved lines, is that correct? Is the move the same every time or do you need to place them by hand? Basically is seems scriptable but you need to spell out the rules more clearly.


Hey Pascal,

thanks for your quick response. I am now back on my project.
Yes it is exactly that way: At first four lines intersect in one point. Than I move two lines horziontally for a certain distance. This I do for all intersecting points at once.
As a result I need lines between the old point where now just two lines intersect and the new point with two lines.

Is there another way than scripting?

All the best.