Draw line following topography

Hello everyone,
I want make a street following the topography, checking the slope of the curve.
Does anyone have any idea how I can do it?
I leave the example files attached

Topo.rar (105.0 KB)

check this discussion:

and some plug-in out there like:

Thanks for the reply, but that’s not what I’m looking for.
I would like to use the existing topography to outline a road (curve) that is defined based on the topography of the land, going to enter a value of the maximum slope.

cool - what does this mean? you want to outline a road based on the topography but relative to what? Are you trying to find the path (like ‘shortest’ path) through the terrain or is it just a straight path? Your image shows what you have but maybe not what you’d like to achieve? :slight_smile:

you can use either the contour component, or, different approach, intersect your topo surface with a series of horizontal planes

You could do something like this. If you consider an approach that is more of a “visual feedback” type thing. It allows you to use a curve as a centerline for your road and show you the slope at defined segment lengths. This way, you can move your curve around until it fits your requirements. The units are specified in degrees in this example.

Note: Rhino 6, internalized geometry.
CurveSlope2.gh (18.6 KB)


Thanks Chris, this is an excellent verification method, but I was interested in something more “Automatic”, like starting from a curve projected on the surface being able to draw another curve that has a maximum slope defined.

Docofossor has different methods to use a curve to create “roads” on a topo. Either using a flat curve that is projected into the topo, or an actual curve with the desired elevation (heights).