Drape with angle

Hi everybody.

I have an organic model that is built form a large patchwork of surfaces (the model came form a 3d scan).
I need to make this scan work in a mold so i need to add draft angles. The best way I found so far to do it in rhino without getting into complex building is using drape command and fixing the new surface.

my question is:
Is there a way to a use drape command with draft angle so that the new surface that is created has a minimum draft angle compared to the view?

I hope I was clear enough.
Thanks all
Roi Ramot

Hi Roi- there is no way to do this with Drape, but, you can try the test command


This command is a test command and not fully developed but it may help- you can create silhouette curves with a draft angle (from the current view so view the surfaces from the pull direction). The resulting surfaces can be extruded with the Fin command, with the direction set to Tangent. There may be a significant amount of cleanup to do but the raw draft surfaces can be added this way. testSilhouette likes the surface normal directions facing outward - this can also be a bit of a pain to deal with,.

15DegreeSkirt.3dm (64.9 KB)


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hi pascal thank for the help.

The testSilhouette command gave me a number of very complex crv that were hard to wok with. (the shapes a very organic -sculpted leafs)

For now I think the best workflow for me is to use drape and tweek the end result with cage.

Is there a way to make the drape more fine (except putting the sapcing on 1)?

Thank you very much