Drafthorse - Layout Management tools for Grasshopper

I use the latest version of everything, I try to create new page from scratch, it crash, then i try to create page manualy then use it as template for copy. I have no idea but now it’s work, and then it dont, and then it works again. Now it works smoothly !!! I also had this issue on another computer, i will send you record if it still happen. Great plugin btw, thanks

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First, thank you very much for the plugin. I’m trying to generate new layouts and modify the details. But I encounter a problem is when I generate the new details, it is placed anywhere. Is there any way to control this?

Yes @Ignacio_Manca , there is a way to control the new detail’s location. please check out the example
DH_NewDetails_Example.gh (23.8 KB)

The “B” input of the New Detail component defines the location of the rectangles for the new details. These rectangles can be referenced from Model Space (as long as the scale corresponds correctly). The component uses them for size and location, relative to the origin, for the creation of the new detail.

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Good morning!
I just wanted to say, I love your plugin.
And I wanted to make a request.
I would like to be able to hide objects in Details.
Not sure if that is possible through grasshopper but it would be super helpful.
-Ryan G

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After a week of testing, just nailed it.
love at first sight!


I’m making shop drawings of elements and i would like to include a general synoptic view on each layout that will highlight (eg : coloring in red) the layout curent element.

If i have three layouts for elements A1, A2 and A3, i would like that on layout A1 the synoptic detail view to highlight element A1, A2 on layout A2 , … you get the idea.

Got an idea?

I’m trying now by giving detailed view names wich is not possible before creating detail view.
Then the idea is to adjust layoutOn parameter individually.

Another way would be to use the “Hide model layer” component wich turn the “new detail on” parameter to yes or no when draft horse create details on layout.

A third way would be to get just one annotation dot in the synopsis detail view, but that seems harder to get there.

Is it something that drafthorse would allow?

@julien2 Can you provide some visuals for what you are trying to accomplish? I’m getting a bit lost in the description of what you’re trying to do.
I haven’t experimented with the Hide Model Layer component, but that does seem like a good path to explore. I will test how the Drafthorse components work when that is active or inactive.

Trying to make a workshop for my students, i want to show them that when you design an idea you need to make it buildable.
Went on with this tutorial as a base

And then i adapated the idea to how they can realize it by either 1-3d print it 2-Laser cut it 3-Draft it.

So i’m on option 3. Made a layout with draft horse on unfolded shapes (detail view 1), gave the layout a number corresponding to the shape, etc etc …
On my work i sometime add a synoptic general plan view and the idea is that the object of interest (here shape B3) should be highlighted on the small sysnopsis view (Number 2 on the image), so you know where it goes. Here i got 6 shapes but it can deliver far far more.

You can also guess on detail view one that i would also like other baked unfolded shapes’ layer to be muted, but here i can give more space between the drawings as a temp solution.


quick feed back.

I still struggle to get past the 400 layouts, anyway made some achievements.

  1. Grasshoper preview and rhino new content cache should be disabled when making detailview. If anything appear in the layout it slow down the process a lot. Once done turn them back on. (it could be an addition to drafthorse new detail component)
  2. Made a batch sequence so i can choose how many layouts per batch i want (see how it’s made here under). The expression formula is done so you get an integer column number under your max layout desired wich is plugged in Z. It’s also add the batch scope (-A1E40-) to the pdf file name so that you don’t overwrite your batch when moving from batch to batch. Would be a nice component too to add.
  3. Still can’t get above 400-600+ layouts, but just build a bench file to try understanding what’s the issue.

Will give updates.