Draft angle starting from vector direction

Hello everyone, I’m trying to create an extrusion that follows the direction of a vector and that, at the same time, rotate/closes inwards within a well-defined angle without, however, any success (in the attached image I represented what I would do).

At first, I tried with an offset of the starting geometry (a very simple hexagon) by translating it along the direction of the vector, then I connected the two hexagonal geometry (the basic one and the offset one) and I obtained, at least visually, what I would like to represent. The problem born when I want do the exact same thing but defining a draft angle (due to printability issues where a minimum of 5° is required).

Is there any command that allows me to create an extrusion along a vector with a defined draft angle (as show in the picture)?
Alternatively, if a specific command doesn’t exist, what could be the best way that could allow me, later, to change the draft angle?

Please help me, I’m stucked for days with this problem and I just dont know how to get out from it!
I attached both a .jpg containing a simplified representation of what I would like to obtain, and the .gh file with an intuitive example of what I got.
Thanks for the attention

example.gh (7.6 KB)

if you want exact angle extrusion will not work for all shapes. For polygon one way will be to use my script here

and cut the roof at the desired height.
Tapered could also do the trick

Scale is also good … just simple trigonometry !!
example_draft.gh (10.7 KB)

Extrude to point and trim may also work but i have not yet had a chance to work out the code for it.

Hello Laurent, thank you for your reply and sorry for being late to reply.
I do not have any knowledge at using codes, it looks good in your exercise but I’m trying to not depending on this due to my ignorance :joy:

Despite this, I really found useful your second solution (the one with the Taper component) but I noticed that this component make me able to do a scaled extrusion (like I asked before) with a setback: it alterate the starting geometry by rotating a little bit and scaling too. Is there any method to left my starting geometry inalternated by using Taper component?

Just for curiosity, what if the starting geometry wasn’t a simple geometric hexagon but, instead, were a freeform?

Thank you for your comment too, Matt. Some days ago I also tried the extrusion to point but, even in this case, I wasn’t able to set a preset angle… for this reason I decided to look forward and… here I am heheh…

Did you guys know by any chance the existence of a plug-in that contains a “modified” version of the extrusion tool that able me to make a simple extrusion with a draft angle?

For the draft angle you could also offset inward your curve, then move it and loft the 2 curves. The ratio offset/move equal tangent of the draft angle.