Double results on Grasshopper component and C# component

Dear reader,

Sometimes when I run something I get double results.
This happens, for example, when I use Contour Brep, and the number of curves is doubled.
Also in a c# component, where i try to assign a double for every point of a curve and store it in a DataTree (the number of doubles will be ecxactly double!).
At first I thought it could be related, but then I used exactly the number of curves I needed, so the Custom Components problem does not stem from the Contour Component.

I am assuming it has something to do with compile-time & runtime?
Or my computer itself?

A simple test i did is:

if (reset) times=0;


//<Custom additional code>
int times;

Result: 2

Could you suggest any solution?
Thank you in advance.

Hi -

… not answering your C# question, but, yes, there was a bug in 7.22 and some SRC’s of 7.23 where the Contour component resulted in duplicates. This should be fixed in the current public 7.23 SRC.

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I see, thank you.

Most of us probably still have the bug as 7.22 is “up-to-date”.

If you need a version that doesn’t have the bug, you’ll have to change the update frequency to Service Release Candidate. The final SR23 should be released next week. Originally, the fix was introduced in SR24 - which is 5 weeks away.