Does Wallacei can express "no more than" or "close to"?

Now I am working for an architecture project, and I want to use Wallacei to do some optimization work. What I need is that I want some of economic indicators, which are calculated with the change of my parameter modeling, close to or no more than some specific values that defined by some national standard documents. But I find out that Wallacei can only let the objectives as minimum as possible but can’t limit them in a specific range. So, I suit for the experts of forum’s help. Is it possible to meet this demand?

My program is a little bit complex, so I am trying to make a simple demo program, I will publish if I finish. Although my problem may not require a demo file …

Hi -

This video will answer your question .Wallacei - Wallacei X: Defining a Domain as an Objective - YouTube