Does Rhino raise any kind of event when attributes from the current viewport are changed?

Let us say that, for example, I change the orientation and focal point of the viewport. Does Rhino raise an event I can subscribe to anywhere? The closest thing I’ve found is the RhinoView’s set active event.

P.D: I’m aware of the existance of the changequeue and that I could overload it to get access to the ApplyViewChange function, but I’dl like to know if it’s possible to avoid the changequeue entirely.

There is no separate event available for these. Focal blur related events request is logged as RH-42257. I’ll add a link to this topic to the report.

In C++ the way to track camera changes there is this guide: - The RhinoCommon sibling DisplayConduit looks a bit different, but you can do essentially the same, where you implement one of the events where you place your tracking code. See for instance for a simple DisplayConduit sample.

Implement say PreDrawObject, construct a ViewInfo from the RhinoViewport from the event, and check the focalblur related settings. For camera info directly use the RhinoViewport given in the event argument.

Well thank you @nathanletwory! That looks promising. Thanks also for adding this post to the report. I found it wierd that on such a strongly event based system such as rhino there wasn’t any event raised in such cases! So its really nice to know its on a TODO list :blush: