Using the ChangeCounter

Hello all, this is a dumb question, but how would someone go about using the “ChangeCounter” attribute of a viewport. I’m trying to create a “fake” viewport in a separate window that changes whenever the active viewport changes. I see that there’s a “ChangeCounter” that changes whenever a specific viewport changes, but how do I listen for this change? I figured I would do something similar to what this post is suggesting, in which I listen for a “property” to change and then trigger an action. But I don’t really understand their code:

The action that I would like is for an event to be triggered whenever a user stops moving the camera in the active viewport. but I don’t know how to ‘listen’ for the change counter.

Rhino triggers an event when the active viewport changes from one viewport to another. For an example, see the following:

Does this help?

this helps tremendously! thanks Dale.