Does Rhino generate log files when a crash occurs

Sometimes when developing a command in python an exception is reached, and Rhino crashes instead of raising the traceback. This can be difficult to troubleshoot. Are there any log files that get saved out when Rhino crashes similar to a traceback?

Is there a recommended route when developing a python command for avoiding the hard crashes? Sometimes a popup doesn’t even show up, Rhino just shuts down.

Many times a RhinoDotNetCrash.txt file is placed on the desktop with details of the callstack when the crash occurred. This may be useful for you.

I’ve never encountered that behaviour on macOS, although my Rhino crashes at least 5 times a week.

Many Mac crashes are display driver associated. In this case, there is no user generated custom .NET code executing so no file will be generated.

If you have a crash that you can repeat, we would love to work with you to try and track down the cause to see if we can fix it.


If it’s something that concerns Rhino or Grasshopper and I interpret it as a bug, I most certainly report it here! :slight_smile:
Most crashes are due to me messing stuff up (e.g. infinite loops, exceeding the “geometry limit”, etc.) or trying to do things that my old computer is not really apt to anymore.

RhinoDotNetCrash.txt This file seemed to get deleted when I closed the crash popup, but when I opened .txt file before I saw a very helpful traceback.

The crashing I am getting all seem to be related to raise python exceptions. On mac that causes the whole application to crash though I can find the traceback. On Windows it doesn’t crash, it is able to raise the traceback. And when it crashes on windows I can get helpful info in the .txt.

Thank you!

Yes, the crash popup takes that file and the dmp file generated and sends it to mcneel if you click on the send button. When the popup is closed these files are removed from the desktop.