Does Rhino do plugin clean up?

If a Rhino plugin is installed who is responsible for uninstalling the older version ? Right now they stay orphaned in the drive somewhere in the roaming directory taking space ?

Hi Thomas -

Can you be specific?
Plug-ins that are installed with the PackageManager can be uninstalled through that interface and this process will clean up the files. Commercial 3rd party plug-ins can likely be uninstalled through the Windows’ Control Panel. Other things that you download and somehow “install” will have to be removed by you.

Haven’t used the package manager yet.

  • If I receive a third party plugin as an *.rhi
  • I double-click the rhi and it installs itself.
  • After that I see no facility to uninstall. In options we can disable that plugin, but not uninstall.

To my experience rhi installs do not show up under Windows Apps&Features either.
When I dig deep into the Windows Roaming directory there was a plugin piling up multiple versions of itself.

We’re trying to get away from rhi and push developers toward yak packages that are installed through the package manager. Rhi does not have an uninstall feature as well as some other shortcomings compared to yak.

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Understood. Thank you for the explanation !

What are the chances that TestPackageManager can graduate to official status in a v6 SR? It’s not super-appealing to tell people to use an unofficial method, nor to use .rhi for v6 and package manager for v7.

I’ll have to leave that up to @brian and @will. We are barely putting out any SRs for Rhino 6 at this point.

No, there’s just too much additional stuff that makes it work well in Rhino 7.

Good to know, thanks.