Does rhino cycles work with Brazil/vray materials


(jahn) #1

Hey Rhino community.

I am/was a big fan of Rhino Neon working with Brazil materials .
My question is does the Raytraced cycles work with the current render materials ie Vray or Brazil or do you have to use rhino materials. I have just gone out on my own and am about to upgrade/purchase my entire workflow system and don’t want to be stuck with programs that don’t effectively work together.
I do note that neon never worked with vray materials.

regards Jahn

(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #2

Render engines are supposed to implement socalled simulations of their materials. If done right there can be some degree of correspondence. That said, the Raytraced mode (RhinoCycles) does not know about Vray nor Brazil materials. You should stick to the Rhino materials.