Does rhino cycles work with Brazil/vray materials


(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #23


Here is how I do the conversion:

Note that you need to have Brazil installed and loaded for the GI environment to be properly accessible. Once you have Brazil loaded you can use its HDR is shown in the video - there is not even a need to copy&paste into the textures window, I realized.

Although some manual work is currently needed, I hope you’ll be able to use your environment library!


(jahn) #24

Thanks hopefully you guys can make this conversion automatic.
Bring Neon back! Theres no point in doing a rhino render other than for people with no plug in renderer.
I will remove cycles as it is way to unstable crashing every 10mins
Maybe this is for brazil to make a real time renderer viewport.
As I can see from the forum it may have been a little early to release v6 to the market

(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #25

It is planned. No need for Neon after that :wink:

Do you mean the Raytraced viewport, right? Last night Rhino 6.2 was released, the stability should be greatly improved. If you feel it still crashes with 6.2 let me know. I keep my eye on our exception and crash reporting system, but I haven’t seen any crashes that I haven’t already addressed in 6.2. If you do get more crashes, please ensure you submit the reports, as I otherwise don’t know something is wrong - I’d like to have it as stable as possible.

On my machine I have now had, since the crash fixes in 6.2 I made a few weeks ago, very stable running with even complex scenes. Please make sure you update to 6.2 and I hope you find the time to try Raytraced every now and then (when you’re not on a mission critical path, of course).