Does OpenNest have a sheet limit or other tipe of limit?

Hello, I’m using OpenNest to unroll and pack a set of large pieces coming from Revit, I’m limitting it to part of the set to avoid the definition to take too long, but anyway I’m not getting all the pieces nested.

It is probably because the elements are bigger than the sheet, or very close to the maximum size.
The file would help as well.

Sorry but I can’t share the file because I’m reading from Revit with Rhino.Inside, but as the right panel shows, only one element is bigger than the sheet size, the rest are smaller, for example index 2(1.18 x 2.98m) vs sheet size (1.25x4.50m)

Try this, I’ve internalised data. (83.3 KB)

You can at least internalize a few sets to see what is going on.
I think it is quite close to the limit.

Other way around if you have only vertical elements you can use box packing. PCA component also helps to find the most minimal bounding area. Works quite fast and efficient for close to rectangular elements. The transform output is part of new release 1.3.3, so you can pack boxes plus inner shapes and added option that it is possible to nest 2D curves, whereas box initialized inside component to have faster interface.

Here is the sample for random hulls packed into rectangle sheets:

Let me show you the full OpenNest definition, where I pack curves and reorient them to a full Y vector (254.2 KB)

Ok it seems, that I had a small limit added to my code. Number of sheets were limited to 99 :hear_no_evil: I changed it so that in future release no more issues will happen like this:

For now you can get around this issue by simply adding to sheets input more than one boundary:

And I still see that some of your elements are wider than the boundary:

Yeah the wider issue is a known issue, but thanks for reviewing it and take that into account.

Are you planning to release soon or could be possible to have a temporary solution meanwhile without the limit?

Currently I’m managing a number of more than 10k elements, I know that nest all at the same time is too much, but 99 is a too low limit from my side.

Thank you anyway! Great job with the plugin.

Simply duplicate number of sheets. Look at 2nd screenshot, I added 1000 sheets that are packed (with the current version).

It was always possible just missing proper tutorial about that. I will update it soon, and for now you can work like this with 2nd screenshot option.

Ah, I’m getting it now, that’s a clever solution man, thanks again!

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Initially this option was done for nesting multiple irregular curves, but it seems that all the users I spoke to only employs rectangular boundary: