Does Grasshopper have a roadlike mode for curve arrays?

Hello experts, I have been struggling with a question for quite some time as I am not very familiar with using GH (Grasshopper). The black model lines in the image were created in Rhino. When I select an arc in Rhino and then choose a path for arraying, I find that there are several modes available, and the roadlike mode is the most suitable for me like 2, while the freedom mode does not give me the desired result like 3.
I’m curious to know how to achieve this result in Grasshopper. I have tried generating arcs using per frames, but as you can see, the generated arcs rotate individually.
Thanks for any useful responses.

I think it may be helpful for you.

But where the curve has max curvature (i mean that max Angel, may be there will be some problem)

Thanks for sharing this video,but I had already tried this way and unfortunately it failed to fulfill the desired result.
Maybe I should find another component to solve it.

Upload your.3dm file, experts can fix that.
I’ll also try.

Files and plugins.rar (2.1 MB)
I am sorry for that,here is the rar that includes file and plugin.

Just internalize the curve and upload the gh.

spiral (12.8 KB)
Thanks a lot for your attention. I would be grateful if you could help me solve my confusion.

Hi Sinn,

Since I saw the title called “spiral slide” I took the liberty of assuming you may want the rotation of the curves to vary as they descend, this makes sure there is always a “bottom” to the slide and that it doesn’t get flipped around.

In case that isn’t what you want I have included multiple options you can toggle from the slider called “Method Selector”

I also put a scale node at the beginning of your definition and reduced the size by 10x so it’s easier to track the plane logic and such, but feel free to delete that node of course and any of the plane methods you don’t want.

Hope this helps and if it’s not what you are looking for let us know!


20230513_spiral (25.9 KB)

And just for fun a 3D version of the slide with panels, bumpers, and support ribs.
(not even sure if you are after a slide)

20230513_spiral (35.0 KB)

20230513_spiral slide_response_01b Uselessly Edited (80.8 KB)

It has to happen.
Honeycam 2023-05-14 09-20-50


:joy: Amazing

Thanks Michael, just change the factor from 0.1 to 1,the radius type 380,it’s actually identical with what I desired for.
The 01a file is sufficiently enough for worshop to manufacture,only two options need to rectify in loft component,tick align sessions and choose straight.
I appreciate very much for you assistance.

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Thanks for the assistance and providing the component.
I have learned some advanced techniques from this experience. :grinning:

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You’re welcome Sinn! Just to clarify, are these changes you are asking for assistance on or are you comfortable modifying the script yourself? Just let me know, thanks!

I can modify the settings in the loft feature myself.
Thank you for your request. I need to make this change because if I don’t, it will create a doubly curved surface, which most factories are hesitant to manufacture.

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