Bongo 2 does not work with Rhino V7 WIP?

Hi all,

I just realized that Rhino V7 WIP does not have Bongo installed. It is installed and working in my Rhino V6.

Is Bongo not V7-WIP -ready yet?

Try to install it manually.

Rhino 7 WIP… Options… Plugins… Install… Bongo Rhino 6.
The same way for… Vray next… Xirus… M2s…

Bongo 2 has not been made Rhino 7 compatible yet.
We’ll start working on that once Rhino 7 is closer to being release ready.

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Why is this happening? Isn’t the point of the WIP to be used by us as much as possible so we can make sure it’s working well for our production needs?

We are working on WIP. We are giving feedback on new stuff. It’s a good process. But we also need Bongo in our work.

This seems like a major misalignment of priorities between different groups in McNeel and us, users.

What is the timeframe for Bongo to work in V7? (regardless on when V7 is released, which could be another 1-2 years.



Work on plug-ins is pointless until the SDK is frozen.
SDK freeze is still down the development path a ways.

So is using the WIP pointless too then?

If you are dependent on plug-ins, yes.
If most of your work can be done without plug-ins, you can take the chance and use the WIP, then export to V6 when plug-ins are needed.

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The good news is that we can open files in either V6/V7 but I think this process is absolutely flawed. I can se how Keyshot/Vray/others might be like “heck, we are not touching V7 until SDK is done”. But you guys? It’s your own team!!! You are looking at optimizing each sub-team/department priorities and by doing this you are really screwing us the users.

How bad is the fact that the SDK is not frozen? how much productivity is wasted by trying to support that? are we walking a couple of extra days of work here and there? or complete re-writes? If I recall correctly the Tsplines guys used to support the Wip/Beta builds.

We’d be happy to not use V7, but we are also in need of some basic SubD work, and at least in V7 we can do a good 5-10% of the edits that otherwise we always have to go back to Modo.

My goodness! This isn’t anything new. How short your memory seems to be.

Every time we need to make a change in the SDK, any plug-ins complied against it is useless and must be built again. We will start compiling our own plug-ins internally to test the SDK. These will likely be broken every 4 hours when a new Rhino build kicks off.

In this stage of the development the SDK is fair game for the developers to make changes. When development progresses to the point where SDK changes become less frequent, then we start on our own plug-in updating and let the developers know that the SDK is semi-stable. Some developers start work then but some wait until the official SDK freeze announcement goes out. It’s entirely up to them.

As to the current V6/V7 file compatibility, I fully expect at some point in the V7 development, some change to the file format will be required so then that will be another step for WIP participants.

The older I get the shorter it gets. Look at it on the bright side, it I wasn’t so forgetful I’d be so jaded :slight_smile:

I had no idea what the impact of working on a WIP SKD was. Thanks for clarifying that.

I hope these things can be timed with all of us in mind. For example: ideally I’d like to see that this file version compatibility change does not break until the most essential plugins do work in V7.

You are absolutely correct to think that we should be able to deliver our plugins in sync with the V7 WIP. This is something we need to try to do a better job at. @andy may have a better idea of what it would take to make Bongo available.



Actually the last of Bongo is working on Rhino 7 WIP as expect.

Bongo sample models:

Fast test with V-ray Next trial.

thanks for trying it @foreigner, I’ll try to manually load it tomorrow and see, same with Vray Next.

Almost Rhino 6 plugins working with Rhino 7 WIP.

I’m curious. Why is @marika_almgren and @John_Brock saying Bongo does not work with V7 WIP and @foreigner is showing that the do work?

Does it mean that they are not supposed to work, and that at least no one is testing for them to continue to work, and that we should not assume or count on them not breaking at anytime?


We are relating how this process has worked in previous development cycles.
It seems the developers are doing things differently this time and not letting Tech Support know that anything has changed.

It’s disheartening and frustrating to say the least.

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I will listed the Rhino 6 plugins did not working with Rhino 7 WIP ASAP.

@gustojunk - last week when you asked, I tested it with the WIP I had installed and then it didn’t load. The SDK usually change between Rhino versions, but now it hasn’t, and Bongo for v6 should load. It does so also on my machine with the latest Rhino 7 WIP.
The normal way we work is that we don’t do developer work on a plug-in before the SDK is frozen so that we don’t end up doing work that will be broken the next day because the SDK has changed.

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