DocumentUserText Text Functions don't like backslashes

I’ve been using Text functions to insert DocumentUserText into my text fields. In the latest WIP they do not longer work. This is probably the first time I’ve checked this functionality outside of Rhino5 so I’m wondering if DocumentUserText has been updated?
If I type:
%<Documenttext("Block\CLIENT")>% into the text field, the key gets cut off at the backslash and the saved text is: %<Documenttext("Block)>%

So because my key was cutoff, instead of getting back the value for <Block\CLIENT> i just see "####"
I tried selecting the document user text from the list and got the same result.

has DocumentUserText been updated to not have <Section\Entry>Value functionality, and instead be the simpler Value?
The text function does seem to work if I just create a DocumentUserText called “CLIENT” without the backslash. I really liked the added functionality that <Section\Entry>Value gave because I could group common DocumentUserText together under a common Section. I guess I can use a different seperator like a dash and just write everything manually, but if there is a work-around I’d appreciate the help.


Hi Ian - thanks, I’ll check it.
Hmm - seems ok here in the latest:

Is that what you’d expect here and are not seeing?


Hi Pascal,

It seems the key should contain a backslash, not the value.

(On my phone so not possible to test it myself)

Yep, you got it, sorry about that… I think it was pre-coffee.


But, somehow this still seems to work here - sort of - that is, the result looks correct even though the formula is indeed cut off at the “”. But, buggy none the less, I would say - the document user text entries themselves seem OK with the “” in there, the text editor seems to be the problem so far…


RH-38264 is fixed in the latest WIP

Thanks for the Heads up Brian. I confirmed it worked for me too.