Documentation Examples Need Fixing

HI There,

Wondering if i am correct that the example code for Curve.JoinCurves is incorrect on the rhino common api documentation.

Trying to figure out how to use this example at the moment.

I am in generally finding it hard to get good examples for simple rhinocommon use cases.

Well, yes, sort of. The provided example do not use .JoinCurves at all.

Anyway, .JoinCurves should be really simple to use.
If you need help with that or anything else, ususlly the best way is to attach some code so others can help you in a non-abstract way…

Yeah, Cheers.

Was just using trial and error and running up against some issues with curves not joining. I have figured it out anyway. Next time I will post some code.


Yeah…I did a bunch of Rhinocommon stuff recently and there was a lot of just brute force gaaah what’s going on…though I’ll tell ya it beats the stuffing out of trying figure out anything with Adobe’s scripting SDK(s,) good grief what a beast and the examples are trivial nonsense.