Dockable interface panel problem

I am developing an rhp plugin with dockable interface panel on the right of the screen like property panels in c#/wpf language and I have a problem when I run a command to open a Rhino 3DM file from this interface the interface resets to all defaults as if it had just been loaded and it loses user choices and goes back to the first interface page

(my interface has several pages inside) do you have an idea where it could come from? And is there a way to prevent the interface from resetting when opening a file?

maybe keep values in static “global” variables for the plugin.
or write out and read in from a .ini, sandwiching the 3dm opening event.

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Hi @Charles_THIERRY_DE_V,

When registering your panel, make sure to specify the panel type as PanelType.System, not Panel.PerDoc.

Panels.RegisterPanel(myPlugIn, myType, "Test", myIcon, PanelType.System);

If you are calling a Panels.RegisterPanel override that does not require a PanelType, PanelType.PerDoc will be used.

– Dale

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