Dividing Panels using Isotrim and Pufferfish

Hi guys, i want to divide the windows element into the frame, but then the result is not based on the original curves. I have read that my brep is trimmed surface and the uv follows the original surface. So I downloaded pufferfish to shrinked the surface as described in the picture. Yet, its not dividing based on the trimmed surface.
Is my interpretation of shrinktrimmedsurface from pufferfish wrong?

Windows Framing.gh (21.0 KB)

How about [Surface Split]?

Windows Framing Re.gh (17.2 KB)

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Thank you for the solution, this works.
If I may ask, how do we use the shrinkedtrimmedsrf by pufferfish?

IsoTrim(SubSrf) is a component that gets the specified surface after Untrim.

I think If you do not want to untrim, it is better to use SurfaceSplit.

I understand now.
Thank you for the assist. Appreciate it

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