DivideAlongCreases + SplitAtTangents?

Still struggling in GH with this one.
I need to be able to perform DivideAlongCreases + SplitAtTangents either on geometry generated by Grasshopper (since there’s still no option for splitting at tangents when extruding in GH) or on referenced geometry.

DivideAlongCreases_SplitAtTangents.3dm (484.4 KB)

EDIT : Did a bit of digging in the RhinoCommon cave :

Found a promissing method which actually does what I want, but it just returns a boolean whether it was successful or not :confused:
Now why doesn’t it also return the processed BREP ?

Sorry for the newbie question.

2021-03-26 15_53_52-Grasshopper - unnamed

  private void RunScript(Brep B, ref object A)
    A = B.Faces;

The Deconstruct Brep step is not needed, I’ve made it just to preserve some information…

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What took you so long ?

Thanks Riccardo !

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