Dividing Curve by series of lengths

Hi There
I am trying to figure out how to divide a curve by given lengths.
Example the curve length is 100m and i want to divide by 5m each segment and after every 25m i want 0.5m segment. so it quit complicated.

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Next time share some sketch or attempt of yours. Question only is not enough.

line BVR.gh (19.5 KB)


make panel with 100 and 5 in it. Use duplicate data to repeat the list. Plug that list into mass addition. Use the partial results on the evaluate length component set to normalized = false.

this might be an approach, following Michael’s hint

Divide_Crv_maybe.gh (11.1 KB)

You can use dash pattern (25,0.5) than Divide curves of 25 m length


Did I do anything wrong? In my script