Divide curve by groups of spaced points Please help!

Hi All,
Essentially what I need to do is divide a variable curve; then in each point locate 3 points on both sides spaced 1 mm between them. then extrude those points in a range of .0 to 3 mm. as in the example.
I thought it would be simple but I cannot understand the logic to advance.
additional to this
Can you explain how to group points that are close to each other?


movegroups_pts_fixed_distance.gh (14 KB)

movegroups_pts_fixed_distance_RE.gh (19.5 KB)

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I don’t understand what you want

t.gh (12.5 KB)

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this is a preview of what i have achieved

Wow, thank you very much @Jakinta @seghierkhaled
can you explain the logic to me.
I am currently subdividing the curve into the distances that I need but I still get endless problems and errors. but it looks like you’ve already done it.
You make the job very easy, but since I don’t know the programming, it gets very complicated for me.
Thank you very much, right now I study your solutions.
I would love to know the long answer to understand this work more

Python used to create the curve, no relation with your question.
As you see you can use Dash pattern with (x,5) pattern

    • x is the distance between group of 6 points.
    • You have 6 points with 1 mm between them so the second pattern must equal to 5.

Dash pattern have two output:

  • -D curves with length x
  • -G curves with length 5 , you need to divide G curves into 6 segments to get 6 points
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.You have 6 points with 1 mm between them so the second pattern must equal to 5

How can I change the distance only 1mm in length and keep the same number of groups of points without changing their position along the curve?

I don’t understand your question. But you already know your distances use them .
If you have 8 points with 1mm between them so the length is 7mm, the distance between every 2 groups(8 points) or every 7mm is your choice

@Jakinta Thank you, now make a few changes to adjust the lengths of the curves

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wow @seghierkhaled
I think I understand now. I take time but I understand :slight_smile:
Again many thanks to both of you
Goodbye :smile_cat: