Divide curve based on function

hi community,

I wonder if someone have another alternative to suggest.

I need place points on a curve :

1- These points need to be more dense on one side of the curve (if to hard to acheive I can make it without this rule)
2- at some places it needs to have no points (and it cannot be removed by a cull pattern as i need the same amount of points for another operation right after)

So I tried with the riched graph mapper to make a kind of function to place all these points… Unfortunatly Its kind of hard to play with this graphmapper and it only allow me a maximum of 10 control points on the graph curvature…

Divide_curve_based_on_function.gh (10.6 KB)
any ideas ?


Do you have an increase in the number of points along the curve?
I think that you can divide the curve in parts and then take this parts and puts in two different list, one start without points and incremental in some way and the other divided with another increment values of points (some potential). And then you can weave the series to make the pattern. I think that is the best way to control the amount of points?

Hi @Ghoul,

I want to be able to easily play with the position of these sections without points and their lengths. Do you have an idea to easily do it ? I love the idea of using the graph mapper for this because its really easy (well normally) to dispatch points on the curve.

As I need to divide many curves this way and then weave them togetter to form a building facade, I ll maybe have to think to another way to make my definition… this way seems complicated… :confused:


Look Here!