Move divide points on curve up to one side proporcionally

hi!! my first post ever.

need a little help for this operation. i divided a curve with n points that can change, right now i set 7 points to divide and i need to pull this points onto one extreme of the curve in proportionally distances. as you can see, in the photo that i attached what i’m trying to say with proportionally.
there are some trying ways, but i need a more generic way, cause if i want to set on 4 break points, i need to change everything again.

thank you!!!

proportional decreasing distance btw break (22.0 KB)


maybe with a graphmapper?

first of all, thank you for answering!!

i’ve never used it cause i didn’t understand how to use it hehe.
i’ve seen although that it’s always connected with “range”. how it works? what do you imput in D.
then “line SDL” i know how to use it but what do you imput in that photo?

ah! nothing nothing, i understand the “line SDL” part, sorry, my bad.
anyway, still figuring out the graphmapper!