Divide a closed curve

Hey, fellows! Could you please share the lifehack on how to divide a closed curve in Grasshopper?
I can’t shatter it as it is

Shatter requires a t parameter.

Depending on how you want to divide the curve, it makes sense to reparametrize the curve to a domain from 0 to 1. Dividing the curve into two parts can be done with t parameters 0 and 0.5.

Alternatively you can use a Divide Curve component and use the t parameters from there. I included that option in the file attached.

20_10_04_shatter_closed_curve.gh (17.1 KB)


Martin, thank you a lot!
You just put two parameters into shatter, I’m so embarrassed…

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It’s always a good idea to use the forum search feature before starting a new thread as there are many threads that discuss Shatter, like this one for example:

Depending on the curvature, 0.5 may not be the midpoint of a reparameterized curve, as shown here:

eval_crv_2020Oct4a.gh (4.4 KB)


You can shatter directly with dash pattern with list of [0,x]