DIVA for Rhino/Grasshopper

I would like to do an daylight/thermal analysis for a initial architectural massing model. The shape is made up of a few different spaces creating a slightly angular polygon. As DIVA needs to use a grid I have broken up the space into several rectangular areas to use as my grid spaces for DIVA. I want to run the simulation and see the results on all grids at once. Right now when I run it only one daylight grid will show. What can I do to get all simulations to be visible at once? (It is not a matter of turning the preview on, I have tried this!)
Also, I am running this script through Grasshopper but my geometry is created in Rhino (if that helps)
Thank you so much (in advance)

Hi - It’s probably best to ask this on the DIVA forum:

i think DIVA forum Discussions is not active now as the link shows an error.