Displaying Part Numbers / Name

Sadly I couldn’t make it work eve with your updated script.

  1. In layout, I can put a leader without activating the detail. Then;
    -Select text field
    -Clict “objectname”
    -Clict “select object”
    -Clict “object”
    -Clict “OK”
    -Clict “OK”

At the result of these clickings I can make a leader which has the name of my object. If there is a way to shorten this , I would appreciate that. Namecallout works in normal view. But it does not in layouts system which is essential for me.

Thanks again

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Hi Pascal,
thank you for this script.
Looks like working in v6 too.

Any way to make it work to annotation dot as well?
Will this be implemented in V7? I think could be an useful feature.

Just to finish the wish list could be nice having a window which lists all named objects with some basic functions like select, copy / move / hide…
I think somebody asked already for this.

Find out a way to creat annotation dot with name and other data through useful Peter’s Tools 1.98

Hi Pascal,

a new member here, I’m wondering if your script can be modified to do batch name callouts? or if you know of any workaround for this issue in Rhino?


Hello - I do not even remember what the script does, I’ll take a look.

@khubaibghazal - not easily, uif I understand what you are asking - the thing asks for a leader for each object. You could certainly make something that puts a text dot someplace near each object with its name.
Bubble might be useful: https://www.food4rhino.com/app/bubble