DisplayConduit.ObjectCulling is not called on each re-draw

When I want to show/hide objects I tried to use a toggle that is used inside the ObjectCulling method of the display conduit. But, once the objects have been culled by the display conduit, further re-draws do not call ObjectCulling anymore to find out if the culling is still pertinent.

It would be nice if ObjectCullinggets called on each draw pass.


ObjectCulling is used when constructing display lists and is a pretty expensive operation. We are not going to turn this on for every frame drawn. When you want to show and hide objects, you should be modifying their object properties which will in turn inform the display that it needs to rebuild lists.

Edit… Use the show and hide functions on the object table.

Ok thanks for that explanation. It took me a while to figure out why my objects did not reappear. Using show and hide is indeed a much more logical method to get this done : :smiley: