Display output geometries selectively

Hello all,

I’m trying to find a way to hide geometries set to certain outputs of a Grasshopper component I’m making. I don’t want to display the “Points” output among three outputs in the example below.

I hope someone could let me know how I can control output displays.
Thank you.

Hey :slight_smile:

sometimes I had the same issue, but at the end I come to the same conclusion: I display it all and I don’t care, because the user always can click on the component, switch off the component’s preview, and then connect the “Curve” component to first two outputs, and that way he will see only the Roads and Blocks and still has the ability to access Points output (without seeing it) if he wants.

Having said that - there are some display tools that make it possible to display whatever you want without the outputs, try to search for “rhinocommon display” topics. Personally I avoid it, so I won’t tell anything useful about these set of tools.

Thank you @w.radaczynski , I was curios if there’re options to control output displays in Grasshopper SDK, so that users get useful outputs without making results look too complicated. It’s good to know that there’re no simple options to control output displays.

It’s good to know that there’re no simple options to control output displays.

There is! You can do it the same way Grasshopper’s Grid Components (like RecGrid) hide their P outputs point display by default but don’t hide the grid cells. Just add this line after your output parameters in your screenshot.


the number in parenthesis = the output param number starting from 0.


pManager has a dedicated HideParameter method

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Didn’t know about it - really cool :slight_smile:

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That’s awesome to hear! It’s exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot @Michael_Pryor!

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