Display mode stuck in 'Arctic' mode

I will switch the display mode using the button in the toolbar. But when I click back into my viewport it switches it to it’s previous setting. If I use the “setDisplayMode” command from the command line it works fine. It only does this if I used the button in the ribbon panel (excuse my ACAD terminology!!).

Not a biggie as I’m gravitating towards the command line more and more anyways. Just curious if there’s a fix or if I’ve set something wrong.


Hi Keith -

I don’t know which button you are referring to but you can check the macro that it runs and see if there’s anything unusual with that. Feedback from the command line when you use that button will also give an indication.

I was in a hurry this morning and didn’t quite have enough time to explore the ‘problem’ thoroughly enough. Turns out I was confusing the ‘shade’ command with a display mode. I’m now seeing the difference between what that does compared to the shade modes themselves.

Thanks very much for your speedy reply!!