Display item /data conversion failed text to surface-How can I replace items with making it to text?


190715 2.3dm (120.8 KB)

190715_2.gh (22.0 KB) /qouwMsXKyNGUwxPgeHHuJFoqsZ9.png)


I have to divide surface by every 5Nth given lines, and give own ID for each divided srf.
I have done dividing, importing ID from excel file.

And I tried 2 ways>>

I think the ID should be items of the divided surface list. To match each ID to to the list I used ‘replace item’. But the result list is not getted into ‘surface’ of ‘evaluate surface’.
(to make points on each surface to include its ID I used this tool)

And second way, I think it could be making points of each sufaces first, and combinding it with the ID from ‘file read’ directly by some component. (But I don’t know what should I use for it.)
And I want to make points for every srf, so tried to use ‘domain’, but it doesn’t work. It looks like just 1 surface selected when I move the parameter of domain.

The question is

  1. What is the right way to solve this work? (①/②)
  2. In ②, why my surface list was transformed to texture list? How can I make it bunch of surface?
  3. In ①, how can I make points for each surface? and how can I make that points to get the ID for items from other list? (Is ‘replace item’ the right way?)


Your text string from Read File is empty. You should internalise it before posting, because your excel data only exist on your machine. Regarding “internalise data” you should refer to No.3 of the linked topic.

Without further investigating your definition, I’d like to point out two things.

1st. Probably your surfaces from Surface Split are “Trimmed” surfaces. therefore Evalute Surface with reparameterized won’t work. Try to use Area instead.

2nd. Looks like(According to your screen capture) you are trying to replace your trimmed surfaces with your strings from the excel data, and finally trying to “Evalute” them. Why?
You can’t evalute some sort of string with Evalute Surface.

Thank you for the advices!

I used Evaluate to make points on each surfaces.
What I want is making points on the surfaces, with the items from Excel file(csv), displaying them in rhino, and if possible, baking. I should show them to the people who don’t have grasshopper.

Problems are: how to make points on srf / how to make the items be shown on rhino (or it’s okay to make it without point, directly surface to the informs on display, if possible)/ why my list of surfaces doesn’t work as an geometry. (I think it’s because of the ‘replace item’. How can I replace items with making it to text?)

And I attached my files again. I tried to internalizing resources but internalizing ‘read file’ didn’t work. So I bounded it to a zip.190716_GHquestion.zip (77.0 KB)